This page list any reviews we find of our material. Here’s the first:

Here’s a snippet from a  review of The Real People at Coventry on 21st October with support from The Train Set:

“These guys (Clive on vocals David on keyboards, Jason on guitar, Adam on drums… and Andy the bassist) are a band from Crewe who have been going even longers than the Real People (actually, they are probably better thought of as contempories of The Smiths and Stone Roses) and older fans may remember their song ‘She’s Gone’ from back in the day. The band played a set of new songs mixed in with a couple from their extensive back catalogue. The Train Set are a cracking live act, always passionate and taut, tight and punchy, no messing about. They were no different tonight. Tight rhythm section, stratocaster sonic landscapes and ethereal keyed chords creating moods and and scenes for Clives vocals to inhabit. The Train Set just do their thing and you get the feeling that, whilst they want to win you over, it would not change their course an inch if they did not. Judging by the ovation at the end of their set, the band had brought a few supporters of their own to the gig too. The Train Set won over the others with their splendid set, no question.”

Link to the full review here.

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